Recurrent Infection

Immune deficiency typically presents in a child or adult, as recurrent infections over a short period of time. Most often, infections involve the respiratory tract, but may also affect the skin, gastrointestinal, brain and spinal cord, or urinary tracts. Ineffectual immune system function may also result in auto-immune disease. Additional signs the immune system is not working properly is atypical infections, fatigue, and weight loss

Immunodeficiencies can occur because of medications, genetics, malignancy or cancer therapy. If you or your child have repeated, persistent or unusual infections, severe infections which require hospitalization or intravenous antibiotics, or a family history of frequent infection, an immune evaluation may be beneficial. Thorough history, exam, lab testing, and immune system challenge are part of the process.

Should an immune deficiency be identified, treatment options include observation, expectant management, immunoglobulin replacement therapy and prevention of infection. Dr. Schiffman will review risks, and benefits of various medical care and treatments. With regular attention and therapy, many patients with immunodeficiency live healthy, productive lives.

The following are immune deficiencies or disorders commonly treated by Dr. Amy Schiffman, board certified immunologist in Boca Raton, Florida:

  • Common variable immune deficiency (CVID)
  • Specific antibody deficiency
  • Selective IgA deficiency
  • Autoinflammatory syndromes